Thursday, November 22, 2012

This moment

This post is inspired from the great blog of SouleMama

It will be a Friday ritual.
Just a single photo without words - capturing a simple and beautiful moment I want to pause and remember from the week.

Yoga and More

Last week I went to a Yoga class. Its been almost two years since I last did Yoga (pregnancy, birth and other excuses as such)
We received an email from the farm community saying that an Ashtanga Yoga class was starting up in our neighboring village. Yay! Now that there is a class right under my nose, I have no more excuses.

The class was weird, wonderful and different. My body has been screaming and begging me for months now to start moving, I'm tired of feeling like I'm atrophied… as the class progressed I felt my body remembering the positions, the feelings, the muscles that haven't been stretched in years…I could actually feel my body whispering thanks to me while it indulged with every twist, stretch and relaxation.
It was a wonderful class. At the end our instructor brought in some hot herbal tea and dates and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable.

This week I went to class and more people had joined and even a few from my village. The class was wonderful and difficult and I enjoyed every moment. Afterwards, while drinking my hot tea I asked the girl who exercised in front of me where she was from and she answered "Sarona", my village.
I hadn't known her before, I'd never seen her, she's quite new here having bought a house only a year ago. 
We chatted a bit about the upcoming "birthday" that our village is celebrating (74 years old!) and how lovely it is that a cake exchange had been organized to celebrate.
A draw was held and each family received the name of another family that they had to prepare a cake for. I don't even know who I'm baking for as I haven't checked my mailbox yet.
On the way home I thought to myself how we are sometimes attracted to certain energies in certain people…there was something about that girl that made me start talking to her, and lo and behold, she lives in the same village as I do! It's nice.

When I got back to the village I stopped at the post office to check my mail, there was the note showing the family that was drawn for the cake bake, I didn't recognize the name of the family at all. Just then the nice girl entered the village in her car; she stopped, asked me what family I got to bake for, I looked at the note and told her the name that I didn't recognize. She looked at me surprised and said "It's me! You got us…! unbelievable..
I love it when things like that happen.
Our village is not that small either, there are many families, and how could it be that out of everyone I got her in the draw!? And I had just met her minutes before... It's funny and wonderful and these incidents always make me stop and look up at the sky, and smile.

Here are cupcakes I made for her.

Have a sweet and magical week...


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sending love and hope

The past week Israel has been at war.
Half of my country is under missile attack.  It is very scary
The daily routine has stopped for thousands of people, terrified children, parents living in deep fear and the days spent in the bomb shelters.
My family and I live far from the danger zone for the meantime, but my heart goes out to my friends and relatives who are under fire.
I wish for all of us that peace will become a reality.
I still believe in it.

Sending a little bit of color and lots of love and hope to all of Israel.